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Secret Jardin growing cabinets provide you with a perfect combination between solid structures and thick fabrics. The Dark Room Rev3.0 range of cabinets, or their lighter, more affordable version, Dark Street Rev3.0, have led our experts to deem the Secret Jardin cabinets to be one of the best options for indoor growing.

Intense  V3.0 600x360x242...

Intense V3.0 600x360x242 Cm Grow Tent

Secret Jardin
Professional grow tents, dedicated to the cultivation of intensive crops. Robust Ø30 mm structure & thick tear-proof 900D canvas.
Secret Jardin Hps 600 W T46...
In Stock

Secret Jardin Hps 600 W T46 E40 R1.00 Lamp

Secret Jardin
HPS Bulbs for the professional growers. Secret Jardin HPS bulbs are intended to flowering stage, with strong orange to red spectrum.
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